Projects & Work

Our deep experience in energy projects and work has made us the preferred provider to take an energy project from its initial inception through development to successful completion.

Key to Successful Projects

Development of a successful project begins with diligent review of the land it will be built on. Hilliard Energy oversees a wide range of real estate and area matters to fully understand a site’s characteristics, ownership, and encumbrances, which leads to an efficient development strategy.

Careful management of community relationships and project documents ensures that our clients’ interests are represented in the best possible way.

The Hilliard Energy team consists of skilled professionals with years of experience in land negotiations and project development. This team complements the entire development process that allows information to transfer smoothly between the two processes. With industry backgrounds in renewable energy development, transmission right-of-way acquisition/development and pipeline right-of-way acquisition, our team can find the best approach to efficiently expedite any project.