"I’d put my money on Solar Energy! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out, before we tackle that."
-Thomas Edison

Do you need help from someone who understands solar? Hilliard has been involved in solar prospecting projects from 10 MW to 200+ MW throughout the US since 2006. We can help you identify the best locations for sights, negotiate favorable solar leases, and chose the right contractors to get your solar plant seeing a bright future. Hilliard is developing solar projects in California (12 projects), Arizona; (3 projects), Texas (2 projects), Nevada (4 projects) and New Mexico (4 projects).

How It Works:

Step 1- Solar Sighting and Planning:

1. Solar resourcing
2. Coordination with local government and FAA
3. Environmental, geotechnical, cultural studies
4. Lease or option the land
5. Interconnection and Power Purchase Agreement

Step 2- Project Construction:

1. Procure panels
2. Turn-key Contractor

Step 3- Keep or Flip?:

1. Operations and Maintenance
2. Consider tax benefits
3. Entertain bidding/ offers to purchase the wind farm

Let Hilliard Energy, Ltd. help you succeed.