About us

Our vision is simple. We aim to be an organization that consistently brings a team of individuals to all parts of the world to represent ethics, fairness, integrity and a will to better society. Hilliard Energy, LTD will always hold itself to the highest of standards and remain a company who is:

Driven, Focused & Committed

The Hilliard Companies is an established developer of utility grade energy projects. Hilliard offers the ability to advance transmission and renewable projects from concept to reality.

Since its founding, Hilliard has grown from its oil and gas roots to a multi-faceted service company that has offered land management and land acquisition services to generating utilities and energy developers and has become a developer of renewable energy projects and large scale transmission lines.

Hilliard has acquired over 2,500,000 acres of land in a quickly expanding energy market in the USA and has pursued various projects involving over 5,000,000 acres of land. Hilliard is uniquely qualified and respected for its experience and efficiency in developing wind energy projects, developing transmission lines, negotiating complex land and legal agreements, exacting precision in land titles, right-of-way acquisitions, leasing, and project due diligence. Hilliard prides itself in forming long-lasting relationships not only with its landowners and local community officials within project areas but also with energy producers throughout the United States. Our vast knowledge in site selection, land procurement, and project development uniquely qualify us for any size project or project type. We pride ourselves in taking a project from a concept to making it a reality.